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Your language can improve correctness

Your programming language of choice can actually improve the correctness of your program

Webpages with AI generated articles

Webpages with (shit) AI generated articles and direct links

DDNS with unbound and kea

Dynamic DNS with unbound and kea for giving local devices DNS-names

Some of PHP's problems

Some of PHP's problems that lead to technical difficulties

What's the difference between compilers and interpreters?

What's actually the difference between compilers and interpreters? And why is it difficult to define?

Building GUIs with druid

Building GUIs with rust and druid

NixOS router with Intel J4125 and i225

Using NixOS as an OS for an router with IPv4 and IPv6

Web security basics

Web security 101

Useful Linux command line tools

An incomplete list of useful Linux command-line tools

The importance of randomness in authentication

Importance of secure random generators when generating authentication keys

Sway bar with Cmus and PulseAudio

Create a custom status bar command for sway/i3

Secure boot with NixOS and systemd

Creating secure boot keys and setup automatic kernel and bootloader signing in NixOS

Proxmox Networking with NAT

Proxmox Networking with NAT (IP-Address translation)

PHP and MySQL Server with docker-compose

Create an apache server with php and mysql with docker-compose.yml

Encrypted mosquitto server

Setting up an encrypted mosquitto server with a self-signed certificate

Compiler and interpreter lexicon

Description of terms used for compilers and interpreters